Valentines Day Proposal (2020 Edition)

We all are aware the Valentine’s Day is knocking at our door. So have you made up your mind how you should spend this Valentines week? How about a Valentines Day proposal? This is to make your loved one knows the love and romanticism that you have.

Did you know that the Valentines week is divided into days which are special in some respect? There are many days in the whole valentines week. The names of all these days are Rose Day, Proposal Day, Chocolate Day, Promise Day, Teddy Day, and Hug Day.

There is a day called Proposal Day, you can use that day in a special manner so that your relationship stays strong and romantic for many years to come. Let us see how we can spend the day this love week.

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Valentines Day Proposal

This day is designated so that you can propose to your loved one to have a life that will last through the years. This marriage proposal from you could be the best gift that you can give to your partner this Valentines Week. There are certain considerations that you should make before you go ahead with proposing to your love. Let us tell you what they are.

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When to propose

You should only propose when you both think that this love story of yours should continue for years. In other words when you both have set up your mind to marry then you can propose to your partner on this day in the Valentines week. It is best to propose when you think the mood of your partner is right during the day and get a definite Yes from your loved one.

Where to propose

This is also a consideration that you should make before the Valentines Day proposal. The place should be such that it does make you both feel comfortable. If your partner is the sort of a person who is outspoken then the place should be different as compared to if your love is shy in nature and loves privacy. If your love is of the outspoken nature then you could propose kneeling down before her after a dinner. And with all the romanticism in your voice expressing your feelings.

Again, if your partner loves privacy you should select your house, a seaside, or a garden to propose. This will make the atmosphere comfortable. And you will definitely receive a sweet YES from your loved one. Saying this, I must add that you will be the best person to select the place where you should propose as you know your love much more than anyone.

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How to Propose

There are many romantic manners in which you can propose. But the thing that you should not forget is the ring. The ring should definitely be heart-shaped. The ring can be of diamond, gold or silver but it should be heart-shaped. If you want to secure that she will say yes before you propose then this shape and nature of ring is a must.

Try to propose to your partner in this manner this Valentines week and turn your love story into a long-lasting relationship.

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