Teddy Day

Teddy Day Wishes 2020 , Messages, Quotes, Images

Teddy Day: A Day to Delight the Lady with a Cute Teddy! Teddy bear is an emblem of cuteness and incorruptibility and it helps in symbolising the tenderness of the heart which is always in the search of love and affection. Teddy day is celebrated mostly by young couples who have started experiencing the purest feeling of the Universe that is “LOVE”. It is celebrated on fourth day of the valentine’s week and it falls on 10th of February. Some of the old and married couples also celebrate this day by exchanging teddies.

Valentine’s Week 2020 is around the corner, and the best thing about this week is. You can express your love throughout this week from gifting someone unique chocolates or roses. If your loved one loves teddy bears, then nothing is better then happy teddy day 2020; you can gift your boyfriend girlfriend beautiful teddy and express your love trough happy teddy day wishes, quotes, and messages.

This week is all about expressing your love to your wife and girlfriend so they can understand what you feel for them. Don’t forget to exchange teddy day wishes when you gift her/him teddy. If you don’t have any idea what to say below, we have to write some fantastic teddy day messages for girlfriend and wife and teddy day quotes for husband and boyfriend add these wishes to express your love and make them feel special.

The 4th day in the coveted Valentine’s week is a happy teddy day that occurs on 10th February of every year. Admit it or not, all girls, whether single or committed are crazy about having a mushy and furry teddy bear all the time with them. Boys have yet to figure out why their girlfriends do so, but this is the truth.

Teddy bears are cute. Unlike human beings, teddy bears don’t hurt and backstab, and girls can talk to them endlessly and share their innermost feelings without the fear of being judged and interrupted by others.

Boys, if you want to impress and influence your crush or the girlfriend without seeming like stupid, you should send your girlfriend a cute and huge teddy bear along with teddy day quotes, wishes, and messages on the occasion of teddy day.

We have compiled some of the cutest and hand-written happy teddy day quotes, sweeter than sugar teddy day wishes, teddy day messages, teddy day Shayaris, along with beguiling teddy day images and wallpapers.

How is teddy Day Celebrated?

Couples start this day by sending and receiving lovely teddy day gifts followed by partying and exchanging teddies and ending up proposing and saying I LOVE YOU to their partners. People send cute teddies to their wife, friends, spouse and friends online if they are located at some far-off place. Teddies are most liked by girls, children and women and so male friends or boyfriends and husbands gift it to their partners across the world. Some also decorate their rooms with a number of beautiful teddies to surprise their sweetheart which instead of making the person happy also create sweet memories. Teddies being sweet and cute have the power to placate the anger and make a positive difference to ones mood.

Even though, teddies are not real they do not have a real voice or a real heart and are just stuffed and prepared but they are still full of love and affection. They say everything that people in love want to say to their partners without the use of words and make them happy by freshening up their moods. Some people are in love with teddies so much so that they cannot imagine their bedrooms without teddies.

Make yourself ready to receive the best teddy!

Happy Teddy Day Quotes 2020, 10th February

Like any other day of the valentine’s week, teddy day is celebrated with similar enthusiasm and is occurring on 10th February 2020. Happy teddy bear day is celebrated massively by girls because they take the time out of their busy lives to acknowledge the bond they have with their owned teddy bears.

Moreover, a teddy bear is a sign of cuteness, happiness, and a perfect gift a boyfriend can give to his girlfriend. Are you looking for happy teddy day quotes for your girlfriend/boyfriend? Do you want to make your happy teddy day celebration stand apart from the rest? If yes, this section won’t disappoint you as it comprises a gargantuan selection of teddy day quotes 2020 that you can send to your angel like girlfriend and make her feel top of the world.

Like teddy beers are mushy, cute, and adorable, my girlfriend is also loving, loyal, and pretty. Happy teddy day girlfriend!

  • A girl without a teddy bear is like a girl without her best friend. I wish you a happy teddy day sweetheart!

If all the boyfriends of this world could become like teddy beers, you will not see a single girl initiating break up. Happy teddy day!

  • Girls can easily reject all the things as a gift except teddy bears. Want to put a huge smile on your girlfriend’s face instantly? Gift her a teddy bear!

Though teddy bears don’t have a heart, still, you will find lovely vibes oozing out of them in heaps. Happy teddy day boyfriend!

  • l Hey boyfriend, like my cutest and the dearest teddy bear, you always live in my heart. I love you unconditionally. Happy teddy day babe!

Like the last one, I want you to make this teddy day as special as possible because only God knows what the future has stored for us. Happy teddy day girlfriend!

  • On the occasion of teddy day, I am gifting a sweet teddy bear along with cute teddy day quotes to my sweetest girlfriend ever. Happy teddy day girlfriend!

Hey boyfriend, do you what is that one thing common between you and my teddy bear? You both keep quiet whenever I yell. LOL! Jokes apart, sending you lovely teddy day quotes!

  • Presumably, there is nothing as good as getting a hug either from my favorite teddy bear or from my loveliest boyfriend. Happy teddy day sweetheart

Amazing Happy Teddy Day Wishes for Girlfriend – Romantic Teddy Bear Day Wishes for Boyfriend

As we are celebrating the teddy day, all I want to do is hug you tightly and confess my great admiration for you. I love you so much, my dear.

I hope you already know that I am ready to fall in love with you. Lots of sweet teddy hugs and kisses from my side on this Teddy Day!

Thank you for always loving me and taking care of me – even when I am not much loveable. Happy Teddy day, darling. I love you to the moon and back.

During the entire Valentine’s week, wishes and messages play a significant role in sprucing up the vibes of that particular day celebration. And the teddy day is no exception. Along with gifts like teddy bears, a hand-written and straight from the heart message can move your love like nothing else and consolidate your place in his/her life. 

One of the best ways to celebrate teddy day is tagging soulful teddy day wishes written in a greeting card on the teddy bear and give it your girlfriend/boyfriend. On the occasion of teddy day, buy a lovely teddy bear for your lover, get an alluring greeting, jot down romantic teddy day wishes for your girlfriend or sweet teddy day wishes for your boyfriend, and give them to your lover for a stellar teddy day celebration!

If a girl is going through a bad day, give her a teddy bear and you will see the mood turning from terrible to tremendous in no time. Bewitching teddy day wishes to my girlfriend!

  • Except for their childhood teddy bears, I don’t think a girl carries her childhood remembrance things for a long time. Happy teddy day honey!

By gifting you an awe-inspiring teddy bear, Hey crush, I want to confess my boundless for you to you. Will you be my valentine? Happy teddy day baby!

  • Every day is teddy day or any other day of the valentine’s week when I am with you. When I am with you, every day seems like a celebration. I wish you a happy teddy day girlfriend!

Hey girlfriend, always remember one thing in life. If everyone lets you down, your teddy bear will always be with you to cheer up your mood. I love you and a very happy teddy day!

  • Recent researches have stated that teddy bears are 1000 times more tolerable and lovable than real boyfriends. However, my boyfriend is rarest of the rare case. Happy teddy day boyfriend!

Love is an indescribable feeling. It can only be expressed and felt by the two lovers. I am sending you a teddy bear along with heart-moving teddy day wishes so you can feel my love girlfriend!

  • The beauty and joy of life lie in small things like love, care, affection, gratitude, and a teddy bear. Happy teddy day, girlfriend!

In a world full of backstabbers and butterers, it is very soothing to have a companion like teddy bears who render utmost comfort. I wish you a happy teddy day girlfriend!

  • Hey boyfriend, I can share everything with you in life except my cutie pie teddy bear. Don’t ever think about putting your hands on it. Anyways, happy teddy day boyfriend!

On this Teddy Bear Day 2020, accept my wishes, and I want to be your teddy bear for your whole life and want to give you unlimited hugs. Happy Teddy Day.

 Happy Teddy Bear Day to my you love, thanks for countless hugs. Thanks for always hugging me whenever I need you.


 On this Teddy Bear Day 2020, I want to inform you nobody is beautiful like you.

 Baby, you are sweet and cuddly and warm, just like my teddy bear. I want to wish you Happy Teddy Day 2020!

 My life without you is like a room without a teddy so dull and dull, please be my teddy bear and gave me the number of hugs every day. Happy Teddy Bear Day, my love.

 You can’t buy happiness from money, but you can buy a cute teddy bear. Happy Teddy Day, babe!

 I want to tell you, to say you are my teddy bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Happy Teddy Day Status – Awe-Inspiring Teddy Bear Day SMS

One way to celebrate teddy day is by sending a cute teddy day bear to your girlfriend along with heart-moving teddy day SMS and teddy day images. Another way to take your teddy day celebration a notch higher is by putting teddy day Status for your girlfriend on all the key social media platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and the list goes on.

When you put teddy day status 2020 for girlfriend on all platforms, everyone will get to know about your ongoing love, and your girlfriend will also appreciate this sweet gesture. To save you from the hassle of jotting down teddy day SMS and status, we have compiled some of the most scintillating happy teddy day statuses that you would love to put everywhere.

I may not be there for you to hug and wish a happy teddy day. However, I am sending a cute teddy bear that will remind you of me all the time. Happy teddy day sweetheart!

  • Sending you a sweet teddy bear and putting a teddy day status for my sweeter than sugar girlfriend. Happy teddy day my love!

Money surely can’t buy happiness but money can buy a teddy bear and it’s not less than happiness. 

  • Hey girlfriend, you are as mushy and cute as a teddy bear. In fact, you are my real-world teddy bear. Happy teddy day baby!

Usually, on the teddy day, we give a teddy bear to those people who matter the most in life. You are the one who deserves to get a teddy bear from me. Happy teddy day boyfriend!

  • By giving a heart-melting teddy bear, I want to confess my love to you. Will you be my valentine honey? Anyways, my best teddy day wishes for you!

A very happy teddy day to the person who is my girlfriend, my best friend, and my entire world. Promise, you will never ever leave me. Happy teddy day moon pie!

  • Teddy bears, whether old or new, always look cute and adorable. Similarly, a relationship always remains fresh no matter how long it has been. Happy teddy day!

A girl without a teddy bear is like a boy without a girlfriend. Always a little less than complete. I wish you a happy teddy day my boyfriend!

  • Your relationship with me is as soft as a teddy bear furs, as cute as a teddy bear face, and as loving as an entire teddy bear. Happy teddy day darling!

Happy Teddy Day Shayari for Girlfriend 2020

A teddy day is one of the most significant days of the entire valentine’s week. Like any other day of the valentine’s week, this day also is celebrated lovers across the world with the utmost love and enthusiasm. In India, there is a trend of sending teddy day Shayari to the lover on the occasion of the teddy day. As Hindi is the key language of this country, lovers prefer to send teddy day Shayari in Hindi rather than the English language to their crush, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Are you looking for some heart-stirring teddy day Shayari 2020 for your girlfriend? If yes, you have landed at the right platform. Feel free to check out the freshest and crunchiest selection of Happy teddy day Shayari that you would love to put as a status for your girlfriend or boyfriend.

It is my deepest and most intense longing to give you a cute teddy bear on the occasion of a teddy day. Baby, I can do anything for you. Happy teddy day!

  • If you were a teddy bear, I would always keep you close to my heart. Wishing a happy teddy day to the teddy bear looks like a boyfriend.

Unlike human beings, teddy bears don’t need the heart to radiate love and cuteness. They are perpetually adorable and absolute love. Happy teddy day boyfriend!

Cute Teddy Day Images, Teddy Bear Day Wallpapers, and Photos

Teddy day 2020 is only a few months away and couples have already started making some serious plans for valentine’s week celebration. A teddy day is one of the most anticipated days of valentine’s week. Boyfriends buy cute teddy bears for their girlfriends and gift them as a token of love and affection. 

It is quite essential to enclose teddy day images in your greeting card to give it a perfect touch before giving it to your girlfriend. You can download the best teddy day images and teddy day wallpapers from Quoteswishesmsg teddy bear day most. Make the teddy day super special for your girlfriend by downloading the best teddy day images from here and attach them in the greeting card. Your lover will be utterly moved by this gesture and you will feel the warmth of her.