Valentine’s Day 2020: How Valentine’s Day Started and Origin of Love Day

We all know that Valentines Day celebrates on the 14th of February every year. But did you know how it all began? This Valentines Day 2020, learn how the symbol of love and romance started and became a worldwide celebration. Here is a brief story about it.

Valentine’s Day History

The Valentines Day was named after Saint Valentine, a Catholic minister who lived in Rome in the third Century. There are various stories about St. Valentine. And after some time these stories formed into the legend we know today.

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At an incredible time, various Romans were changing over to Christianity. However, Emperor Claudius II was a rationalist. He made strict laws about what Christians should do. Claudius assumed that Roman warriors should completely dedicate to Rome. Eventually, he passed a law keeping them from getting married or have a family.

At last, soldiers apprehended Valentine and detained him for his wrongdoings against Claudius. While kept, Valentine supported his co-prisoners. Moreover, his captors outwardly hindered young ladies visiting the prison. He died a martyr on 14th of February.

How did the celebration start??

It wasn’t until more than 200 years afterward that 14th February became as St. Valentine’s Day. Now Rome ended the Christian Imperialism and the Catholic Church set out to stamp out any leftover rationalism. A freethinker readiness custom held in February consistently and the Pope abrogated this festival and proclaimed the 14th of February Saint Valentine’s Day.

Valentines Day 2020

Valentines Day 2020 was recognized in numerous countries. Significant social practices have developed their own specific traditions for this festival. In a couple areas of the world, Valentines Day celebrates as a day for conveying love amongst relatives and associates. Rather than that of nostalgic couples. Some traditions incorporated leaving presents for children similar to Christmas gift-giving. Others joined and exhibited gestures of gratefulness between associates.

Valentines Day frequently associates with nostalgic love. With a considerable amount of Valentines Day, 2020 cards exchanged each year. Along with the various technologies that are now available for people worldwide. Bouquet of flowers or a single red rose sent with nostalgic messages to loved ones. And couples become acquainted with each other. Valentines Day is a tradition that has been a part of us all.

Many couples wish to celebrate Valentines Day with dinner, an outing or regular home-cooked supper. Various restaurants offer Valentines Day dinner packages.

Another standard Valentines Day activity is to spend it in motels and stay there overnight. Allowing couples to spend more time privately and value some quality time together. Engagement recommendations are also well-known on Valentines Day. And it is consistently picked as the perfect day to express their love and obligation.

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