Valentine’s Day 2019: Images, Quotes, Messages, SMS, WhatsApp For Wife, Girlfriend

Pride is often the most common enemy of true love. When the question refers to putting down pride over love, a person is always torn between the choices that have to be made. This goes true for most men and most especially men. The male species are prideful and egotistical. But there are also men who live by the tenderness of letting go of their pride in exchange for keeping the love of their life with them. They are not afraid to express their feelings through romantic love quotes and confessing their feelings.

If you are one of those men who find it hard to be expressive, you should really read this article up to the end. Who knows, this might enlighten you somehow along the way. Here are some topics to write when trying to be romantic.

Romanticizing Ego

Ego is one of the most common shields of men. They use their ego to prevent anybody from getting through to them. But what if you use your ego to show your love for your partner?

If you can do that, you are one of the rarest forms of romantic. You belong to the kind of men where they are willing to brave fire and rain just to prove that they can love someone for a lifetime. Ego is not easy to let go or put down. It is the foundation of a person’s being. So asking a person to turn down his ego is like stabbing him with a knife to the heart.

So when you are willing to do that for your loved one, no matter what the reason is, you deserve some respect. You are brave and you are loyal.

Romantic Love Quotes and Honesty

True love never lies. But is it? If you have lived long enough, you will realize that honesty is not always good for people. Yes, honesty gains trust but it can also hurt other people even oneself. But for the sake of romantic gesture, let’s be 100% honest today.

romantic love quotes

This Valentines Day, since we are allowed to make romantic love quotes, why not push it further by putting honest but not overrated words. Yes, too many words can sometimes be unnerving. So why can’t we just be honest while saying simple words? Honesty is sweet enough. Tell your partner your love in its purest form and watch he fall in love with you all over again.

Love and Friendship

Friendship can be celebrated with love too. If you are thinking about some romantic relationship between friends that is not what I am talking about. If you have a friend for so long and you consider that person as a true friend, it is safe to say that you love that friend. But you are not thinking of having some “sexy time” with that friend. That would be wrong. This is just about cherishing the bond you shared together.

Now, is it hard to be romantic? Would it kill a real man to say the worth if his most beloved if it means making her happy? Tell us what you think in the comment section now.

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