Happy Propose Day 2020: SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

Valentines Week 2020 is around the corner again. Although each day of Valentines Week is special and one of a kind. But the Propose Day 2020 stands out to be the most exciting among all of them. This day is especially helpful for those people who have a crush on someone they want to propose for so long.

Propose Day 2020 is the time when people get the perfect time to propose to someone who really matters to them and with whom they want to spend their life with. Furthermore, the best part about Propose Day is that there is more chance of your crush accepting your proposal than some other ordinary days. Also, on propose day it is less awkward when you face rejection. As you can save your self-respect by stating that “It’s Propose day, so I thought that it is the perfect time to show what I feel for you; anyway I did my part, it’s cool if you don’t want to become my partner.

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Happy Propose Day 2020 Messages

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The best part is that girls go crazy after you say these lines with the right tone. our readers found these lines to have highest success rates when compared to regular lines.

So, what is better than directly sharing your feelings on Propose Day with someone you love? It is that you can express your feelings with the mixture of your true feelings along with some highly smooth lines so that your crush will definitely accept you. In this article, we have shared some friendzone-proof line so that you don’t fail when you finally propose your love. These highly romantic lines are written by our team and has been tried and tested in real life scenarios ;).

2020 Propose Day Best SMS, Facebook Status, WhatsApp Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

#1 I love you a lot se bhi zyada aur forever se bhi aage, be mine!

#2 I feel that you are the one with whom I can spend rest of my life with.

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#3 There are millions of people I have seen in my life, but believe me, my heart skips a beat every time I see you!

#4 I agree that there might be many people who have proposed to you, but I’m the only one who actually means these lines.

#5 The more I see you, the more I love you. The more I’m away from you, the more my eyes start to crave for you.

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#6 You probably don’t know how much I love you. be mine and experience what actually feels like to be loved without any lust.

#7 If you trust me and be mine then I assure you that we will set the standard for how much perfect a relationship can be.

#8 The moment I saw you, I realized why I was not into relationship-related stuff ever in the past.

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#9 People come and go but I came here to stay forever with you.

#10 My heart will burn even if the God comes down to Earth just so i could meet you.

#11 There are no words which can define how much I love you. but my eyes can demonstrate and your heart can become the witness.

#12 I don’t really know if Gods exist. but if they do then I am sure that they fated us to meet right from the heaven.

#13 Do you know why we have a pair of eyes, hands, legs but not for the heart? It is because the pair for my heart is with you and your heart’s pair is with me. so let’s make them be together.

#14 We can do wonders in life if you become my wife.

#15 Love is a deadly game but if the weapon is you then I would be the Player 1.

#16 I don’t want my son to flirt with your daughter, so let’s make them siblings.

#17 I can conquer the world if you become my soulmate.

#18 I know Angels don’t exist, but if they did then I believe that they would be same as you.

#19 We all need a partner for the ups and downs of life so let’s be together and tackle them together.

#20 I will never know what kind of fantasy you had for your life partner. But if you give me a chance, I am sure that I will make that fantasy come alive.

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A Few Words About Propose Day 2020 from the Author

Propose Day is the perfect time to share your feelings with whom you love, the lines we shared above have worked for people in real life. We are quite sure that your crush will certainly get impressed by listening to these lines. But nothing is gonna work if the recipient doesn’t carry any feelings for you. So before directly proposing, you are supposed to make sure that your crush has feelings for you.

Need tips for Valentines Week? Or need ideas which are solely based on your current situation with the person you love? Comment your queries down and get answered by experts.

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