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7 feb to 21 feb days list : Valentines Week List 2020 : Hello dear!! Love and greetings to you. February is the month of Love and romance with very special day of the year. Yeah you guess it right. It’s Valentines Day. Valentines Day comes in February, 14th every year and it is not only a day of celebration but it has a whole week of various lovely days of the celebration. So here is given the all the days from 7 Feb to 21 Feb days list for 2020. All the days have different celebration theme so couples can make different plans for the celebration.


So in this Valentine Week list article, we are giving you the list of days in valentine week 2020 so that you can celebrate all the valentines week days with great love and romance and you can celebrate valentines day 2020 with your beloved one. These February days list is very special for every lover present so the February special days list will help you to celebrate all the days of valentine week 2020.


Valentine week starts from the 7th February with Rose day and ends on 14th February with all the lovers favorite valentine day. In between, there are total 8 days of celebration of valentine week with the days like Propose day, Chocolate day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day etc. Check the valentine week list 2020 with date and day. All these days are also known as feb days of love.

Complete List of Days in Valentines Week 2020:

Happy Rose Day 2020 – 7th Feb, 2020, Friday.
Happy Propose Day 2020 – 8th Feb, 2020, Saturday.
Happy Chocolate Day 2020 – 9th Feb, 2020, Sunday.
Happy Teddy Day 2020 – 10th Feb, 2020, Monday.
Happy Promise Day 2020 – 11th Feb, 2020, Tuesday.
Happy Hug Day 2020 – 12th Feb, 2020, Wednesday.
Happy Kiss Day 2020 – 13th Feb, 2020, Thursday.
Happy Valentine’s Day 2020 – 14th Feb, 2020, Friday.

These were a list of days of Valentines week 2020. After Valentines day on 14th February, there comes Anti Valentines Week which has complete opposite days celebration then Valentines day. Check out Anti Valentine Week Days List 2020. 

So given above is the list of days which every couple loves to celebrate in the valentines week. These 8 days are the pure celebration of love and romance for all the couples. Now have a look at the days and decode it’s celebration.

Rose Day 2020 : 7th February, Friday

Rose day is the first day of the valentine week celebration. Rose has been always the first significant of expressing emotions. Valentine week is very special and to start this special week, what could be better than flowers. Nothing right? So the first day of Valentine week is Rose day.

Couple celebrates the rose day by giving beautiful flowers to each other and starts valentine week with great spirit of love. Some couple also plans for outing at the places with theme of flowers and many other ideas of rose day celebration.

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Which roses you should give to your partner?

Roses are different in colors and forms and so have different significance by colors. So here we are giving you idea of which roses you should use.
If you want to express your love and romance, use Red Roses.
If you want to showcase your friendship and joy, use Yellow Roses.
If you want to tell your love at first sight confession, use Lavender Roses.
Want to tell her soft feelings and appreciation, use Pink Roses.
Want to admire her innocence and purity of heart, White Roses will help you.
If you want to express passion and desire, use Orange color Roses.

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Propose Day 2020 : 8th February, Saturday


After rose day, the second day of Valentine week is Propose Day. A very important day to celebrate in the special week. This day is very important for everyone who want to propose someone. This is the golden day to propose your beloved and express your feelings to him or her.




Mostly giving ring while proposing someone is the best idea but you can be more innovative in proposing. You can buy some gifts that amaze him or her and make your proposal at acceptance. Be creative in this section as much as you can.





Chocolate Day 2020 : 9th February, Sunday


Chocolates are favorite of almost everyone specially girls. Girls loves chocolates too much and that makes this day special after propose day. You can impress your partner with favorite chocolates of him or her.




The sweetness of chocolates are the significance of the sweetness of love between two partners specially when you have proposed a day before on propose day. 




Make sure you know the taste of your partner in the chocolates and be innovative as much as you can in different ways specially with the chocolate cakes. Nice idea! Isn’t it?





Teddy Day 2020 : 10th February, Monday


When you are in love, you love the things those are soft, cute and something that can be cuddled. And what can be better than a Teddy bear. Yeah, almost the cutest and also favorite of everyone specially to the lovers.




So after Chocolate day it is Teddy day to increase the level of your feelings for your partner. So in this day celebration you do not have to be more creative. Just gift a beautiful and cute teddy to your partner and see love blush on the face of your partner.




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Promise Day 2020 : 11th February, Tuesday


What can be the best thing in any relationship? A promise. Right? So this is your chance to make your partner fall in love with you with some honest promises. Promise your partner that you will be with him or her in every situation no matter how hard the days are. You will be shadow in every situation of your partner and will make your love to the next and purest level. 

Remember, honesty is the best policy and be honest while promising and look your love will reach to the divine level.





Hug Day 2020 : 12th February, Wednesday

A hug is the best way to make someone feel good and make happier. Though love is above the science and no science can decode the love, but studies show the importance of hug. Hug is the best way to convey your hearty message to someone.
A gentle hug make everyone feel good and special so why not to your partner. Hug your partner and make him or her feel your heart that how special he or she is for you. Make him or her feel that you will never let him or her go from your life.


Kiss Day 2020 : 13th February, Thursday

If hug is the best way to make your partner feel your love and emotions than kiss is little naughtier way to do the same. Yes so after hug day it is time to celebrate the kiss day.
So celebrate the kiss day in the same manner like hug day with your partner. Smooch your partner and express your love in style. You can kiss your partner on head or chicks or at anyplace but with the permission of your partner for sure. 


Valentine’s Day 2020 : 14th February, Friday



The final and most important day of the valentines week 2020. Yes, the week started with the Rose day ends up with the valentines day. This is the important day to make him or her fall in love with you. 

This is the day of love and make sure you make this day count and memorable for your partner. Plan this day in some special way and make your partner happy with love.

Why valentine day is celebrated?

You can celebrate the valentine’s day with various creative ideas. Be creative as much possible for you. You can also take help from your friends for the ideas. You can plan a dinner with the favorite background song of your partner.

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You can plan a candle light dinner at your house or any other beautiful places. You can write her valentines card with lovely romantic valentine day message. Or any other thing that increase your love to each other.

Final Words: So this was the list of days in Valentine Week 2020. Do not forget to tell us how do you find this information? Comment below your thoughts and tell us what you need for valentines day celebration. Also visit the website for Happy Valentines Day Pictures Images Photos. 
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